Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency is smart business. Most buildings have the opportunity for utility cost reduction of 25% or more. TEN can deliver these savings and align them to your business goals in a completely budget-neutral way.

Am I a good candidate for an energy efficiency program with TEN?

TEN can likely help if 1) you spend $350,000 or more each year on utilities; and 2) your buildings are 5+ years old.

Why do I need TEN for my energy efficiency project?

TEN’s professional staff leverages decades of experience. We understand complex building systems and emerging technologies. Our business model is faster, simpler, more cost-effective – TEN will help you reach your full savings potential.

How can I be sure that I am getting the right price from TEN?

TEN is dedicated to the competitive process. We evaluate all pricing against historical data on similar projects and also lean on our decades of project expertise. TEN and customer interests are aligned when project costs are the lowest they can be - creating the best possible return on investments means customers will pursue the projects we jointly identify.

How do I know that the savings calculated by TEN are accurate?

TEN’s cost and environmental savings calculations are performed and managed by an experienced professional staff. We use conservative estimates. We don’t overpromise – we prefer to see customers pleasantly surprised when savings exceed projections.

Can I buy a single project from TEN?

Sure. Customers determine scope and sequence, and choosing only one project is an option. Customers tend to select multiple projects with TEN over a long- term relationship.

Can I accomplish my sustainability goals with TEN?

TEN understands the unique goals of each customer. Our energy efficiency project menus track your sustainability metrics. We also advise and track progress toward LEED or ENERGY STAR certification goals. Contact us to learn more about TEN’s sustainability tools.

Can TEN help me with project financing?

Yes. TEN has a network of participating lenders as well as other creative project financing options. TEN helps customers eliminate first-cost barriers to energy efficiency and facility modernization projects.

How does TEN get paid?

TEN is paid by the customer when projects are purchased. Our fees are applied to direct project costs. These fees are applied only when projects are purchased.

Will TEN allow me to use my preferred contractors?

Absolutely. TEN also gives you the option to choose from our pool of trained and vetted contractors.

Does TEN guarantee projected savings?

TEN will guarantee projected energy and water savings amounts for an additional cost.

Can TEN assist with rebates and incentives?

TEN will make sure you receive the maximum value of utility rebates and other available incentives. TEN manages the entire rebate / incentive process.

What role does TEN play in developing renewable energy systems?

TEN will help envision, design, finance, implement and/or manage all onsite energy systems, including renewable energy. With the financial strength and vision of Duquesne Light Holdings, TEN can help customers develop renewable energy systems of unprecedented scale and scope.