Street Lighting / Smart Cities Projects

TEN: a national leader helping 21st Century cities implement Smart Cities street lighting solutions.


TEN designs, finances, implements and supports comprehensive street lighting Smart Cities projects that serve as economic development magnets.

  • Dramatically reduce energy spend and maintenance costs
  • Enhance community safety, beautify neighborhoods, standardize / upgrade fixtures
  • Install intelligent controls to create an expandable Smart Cities technology platform that virtually eliminates outages
  • Use budget-neutral financing to optimize project scope and scale, accelerating large-scale cost savings
  • Monetize Smart Cities technologies to create new municipal revenue streams

Why LED Streetlight Conversion Now?

  • Technology is proven and extremely reliable: 40 – 65% more efficient
  • Dramatically-reduced city maintenance costs and complexity
  • Platform for new safety and constituent services
  • Ability to develop customized neighborhood implementation plans
  • Opportunity to create new city and utility revenue streams

Why is an Experienced Team Important?

  • Neighborhood stakeholders want their input reflected in project design
  • City and utility managers want an easy-to- operate system that maximizes cost savings now and decades into the future
  • City leaders want proven experts to present the project to them and to the public
  • City leaders want these experts to help deliver the full potential of Smart Cities technologies, creating a technology platform that will deliver benefits for decades

The best proof of the quality and impact of TEN Smart Cities Projects: the results we generate for our customers and their communities.

Here are a series of links – from projects across the country – that describe how TEN projects deliver transformational sustainability results, as well as cost savings that make high-impact Smart Cities street lighting projects pay for themselves.