Project Funding

We help clients overcome first-cost barriers. TEN funding enables our customers to implement all promising projects in a budget-neutral way.


Our project funding options unlock the full cost savings and strategic potential of identified energy efficiency projects.


Energy Saving Performance Contracting

  • Customized financing to realize the full cost savings and potential of efficiency projects
  • Straightforward and effective funding options
  • Install upgraded modern equipment without requiring upfront capital. A portion of the resulting savings wholly supports debt service
  • Customer retains ownership of equipment and 100% of future savings at the end of the contract
  • Low-cost project debt supports installation of most modern equipment
  • Funding for bundled projects (all at one time) or phased projects (over time)
  • TEN offers energy reduction guarantees

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Performance Contracting

C-PACE (Commercial Property-Assessed Clean Energy)

C-PACE is a financing tool, authorized by state law, that enables building owners to obtain low-cost, long-term financing for energy efficiency, water conservation and renewable energy projects. Funding is repaid as a tax assessment on the regular property tax bill.

  • All types of energy efficiency projects implemented by TEN qualify for available PACE funding – an assessment added to the property’s tax bill that stays with the building upon sale.
  • This is a strategic option for property owners of commercial buildings, hotels, nursing homes, assisted living, shopping centers, and not-for-profit organizations.
  • TEN has the experience needed to coordinate PACE-qualifying technical and financial project components.

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